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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Elite Power Up is a Miami commercial electrician that provides professional commercial panel upgrades.


Technology is advancing much faster than many of us are prepared for. This has left some businesses running on electrical wiring that is insufficient for the power needs of their equipment. This is especially common with older commercial facilities that have not been brought up to code since their construction years ago.

The electrical renovation is usually a great time to affect this upgrade. Unfortunately, newly renovated or updated buildings usually go without any form of upgrade to the electrical wiring and electrical panel of the building. It is very important that your commercial building has a fitting electrical panel that is up to current electrical code.


Every building has an electrical panel. It is the source through which power from the utility company is directed into your business. The electrical panel branches out into major and smaller electrical branches at different points in the building. A properly functioning commercial electrical panel is necessary to keep your business safe and productive.

The electrical panel is usually a painted or gray colored metal box. Per standard, it is usually placed at a part of the building that is easily accessible while also being out of the way. There are safety codes (the OSHA and NFPA) that guide the location of an electrical panel. Commercial electrical panel upgrades should be done by a qualified commercial electrician who understands the systems and electrical needs of the property.


The capacity of your business’ wiring system coupled with the quantity of power consumed by your individual equipment connected to this wiring system determine the electrical capacity of your commercial building. The size of the fuse box gives you an idea of your building’s electric service capacity. When the electric capacity of a commercial building exceeds that of the installed electric service panel, there is a need for an upgrade.

More circuits usually come with higher power needs. A commercial panel upgrade might include updating and upgrading underground cables that run to your service panels and meters. This forestalls the risk of power surges and regular circuit failures that come with a service panel that is not up to code.


Some buildings require a new electrical panel not just an upgrade on the already existing unit. How do you know where you stand?

  • Corroded circuit breakers or panel
  • Frequently overheated electrical conductors
  • Installation of new equipment requiring dedicated outlets
  • A need for additional non-grounded outlets
  • Electrical panel emitting crackling sounds
  • Installation of a sub panel, etc.

The power needs of every commercial building differ. So, too, do the electric service panel needs of each building. Every upgrade or new installation must be according to the power needs of your commercial building and in line with local safety practices.

If your commercial building is old or you have recently installed new equipment with high power demands, Elite Power Up can be your professional electric contractors. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can install or update your commercial panels, bringing them up to safety code.

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