Electrical Repairs

Trust Elite Power Up for all your residential & commercial electrical repair needs.


There are a variety of electrical aspects that are running in your home or business. Electrical panels, wiring, surge protectors, lighting and more can quickly become damaged and or in need of repairs. Professional electrical repair services can help with all your electrical repair needs.

Attempting to resolve your residential or commercial electrical issues and or malfunctions can lead to improper or unsafe electrical solutions and repair processes. Don’t put your safety and electrical system at risk by attempting your own electrical repairs. Leave your electrical repair needs in the hands of an experienced professional.

The electrical repair professionals at Elite Power Up have years of experience helping clients across Miami with their electrical repair needs. Our knowledge, equipment, and professional craftsmanship can come together to completely repair your residential or commercial electrical malfunctions. Contact Elite Power Up today with your Miami electrical repair needs!


Properly and completely repairing your commercial and or residential electrical systems can require a large amount of industrial knowledge and professional electrical experience. Lack of proper knowledge, experience and equipment can put all those in the building at risk. It is always recommended to have a trusted electrical contractor inspect and repair your electrical malfunctions and or damage. The professional electricians at Elite Power Up have the skills and experience to meet all your electrical repair needs!


At Elite Power Up, we know that electrical wiring, systems appliances and more can become damaged and nonfunctional without warning. That is why we always provide 24-hour emergency electrical repair services to our valued clients. If you are experiencing any electrical issues in your home or business, do not hesitate to contact Elite Power Up. Our team is here to provide immediate and professional electrical repair services.


Electrical systems can power the lighting, appliances and much more in Miami homes. Malfunctioning electrical systems can directly decrease the levels of warmth, comfort, and functionality in your home. Don’t let your home become a much less pleasant and appealing environment due to lacking, damaged or malfunctioning electrical systems. Let the expert electricians at Elite Power Up help with all your residential electrical repair needs. Call or email us today to set up a residential electrical repair consultation!


Businesses rely on adequate electrical systems for a range of operational functions. Electrical damage, malfunctions and issues can directly hold back businesses from reaching their full potential. A professional electrical contractor can work efficiently and completely repair your commercial electrical issues. Let the professional electrical contractors at Elite Power Up help with all your commercial electrical repair needs. We are here 24 hours a day to observe your commercial electrical repair needs.


Appliances in Miami homes and businesses play vital roles in the functionality, aesthetics, and levels of comfort in respective properties. From fridges and hot tubs in your home to operational appliances in your business, your property likely utilizes electrical appliances. If you are experiencing electrical appliance malfunctions, leave the repairs to an experienced electrical contractor. At Elite Power Up we have the required skills industry knowledge, experience and more to completely restore your commercial and residential electrical appliances.

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