EV Charger Installation & Repair

EV Charger Installation & Repair

The evolution of the electric car creates the need for charging stations. The Elite Power Up technicians are trained and experienced with EV charging installation and maintenance for both commercial and personal use.


Electrical vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. As the demand for electronic vehicles increases so does the need for electric vehicle charging units. A charging unit whether for commercial or industrial use needs to be installed by a certified and experienced technician and often an electrician with EV charger experience. At Elite Power Up we are industry leading experts in electronic vehicle charging.


  • Residential EV Charging Unit Installation
  • Commercial EV Charging Unit Installation
  • Municipal/Provincial Charging Unit
  • Charging Unit Maintenance
  • Charging Unit Repair
  • Tesla Installation


At Elite Power Up we generally recommend that our clients have their EV Charging unit inspected annually. Regular maintenance to the EV charger will ensure the device is running at optimal efficiency as well as prevent any damage that could be costly repairs down the road. EV charging maintenance will examine the surge protection and electrical panel to guarantee that the electric vehicle charger is running effectively and utilizing the power it needs.

Contact Elite Power Up today for EV charger maintenance and inspection. Our professionals will take care of any general wear and tear, unit repairs as well as any other general maintenance that is required for the EV charger to ensure the unit will be sustainable for years to come.


Without professional levels of electrical installation knowledge, experience, skills, equipment and more, your electrical system can suffer from improper installation processes. An improperly installed electrical system can result in less output, functionality and relative electrical safety in the home or business. Your electrical system has a vital role in the levels of comfort and function for Miami homes and businesses alike. Make sure that a trusted electrical professional installs your electrical system.


EV Charging Miami is a division of Elite Power Up that specializes in Electric Vehicle Charger repair, replacement, installation and more! If you have an electronic vehicle or a residential or commercial charger trust Elite Power Up and our professional EV charging Miami services.

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